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driveway or commercial parking area!


Hot-Rubber Crack Filling & Sealing

Cracks in the surface of your asphalt are unavoidable. As the temperature changes from cold to hot and back again, these small cracks can turn into large ones. As water enters these cracks and freezes, they expand and become larger allowing for greater damage to occur.

Mr. SealGood LLC cleans the debris from the cracks, fills and seals them with hot applied rubber. While the temperature of the commercial grade rubber is approximately 350 degrees when applied, when it cools and sets, traffic flow is expected within the hour. Some applications require "Black Beauty" to be added for immediate traffic use. 


​Asphalt Seal-Coating

When asphalt is first applied to your parking area it is black and smooth. Over time, the color will fade to gray and eventually an ash white color due to the asphalt being worn away from the surface area. In addition, the smoothness will change as it begins to develop areas that hold water and debris, which can lead to cracks and perhaps potholes. Just as paint on the exterior of your home protects the surfaces from the elements (rain, snow, sleet, sunlight, etc.), seal-coating your parking area provides similar protection. In addition to water and its various forms, seal-coating will aid in protecting your parking area from the sun, gas, fuel, oil, salt, sand, traffic, and other elements that wreak havoc on the surface. 


Mr. SealGood LLC cleans the area to be sealed as well as edging the areas where grass has crept onto the surface. High velocity air blowers, power brooms, and other tools are used to aid in cleaning the surface. Oil spots are cleaned and treated to insure the sealcoating emulsion adheres properly and cures to provide the necessary protection. Where the asphalt is adjacent to surfaces that are not be sealed (garage doors, stone walkways, sidewalks, fencing, etc.), the emulsion is brush applied. Depending on the application requirements, the sealer will be brush or spray applied for the remaining area to be sealed. 

Snow Plowing, Snow Removal, Ice Control Solutions, and Parking Lot Sweeping


Licensed and insured to care for your driveway or parking lot during the winter months. Per storm rates or per season contracts are available. When winter is over and you need your lot cleaned, for your free estimate, contact Mr. SealGood LLC. 

Crack Filling & Sealing

Asphalt Seal Coating

Line Striping & ADA Compliant Pavement Markings

Snow Plowing, Snow Removal, Ice Control Solutions, and Parking Lot Sweeping

Line Striping & ADA Compliant Pavement Markings

In order to maximize your parking area as well as to provide necessary and safe direction for pedestrians and vehicle traffic, parking lines and direction arrows are invaluable. In order to comply with the federal government with respects to the ADA Guidelines (Americans with Disabilities Act), certain criteria need to be applied to your commercial parking area.

Mr. SealGood LLC provides parking area layout consultation that will aid in utilizing your space to obtain the desired traffic flow for vehicles as well as for safe pedestrian walkways. We will stripe the parking area to meet your needs and specifications. This includes but is not limited to:
New construction and re-striping

ADA Compliant Pavement Markings

Disabled Parking Areas
Traffic direction arrows
Reserved Parking areas
Numbered Parking stalls

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